Wine cellar

Wine tasting in the wine cellar

In the basement under the main building at Gl. Skovridergaard, we have our own wine cellar. We like to invite guests into the wine cellar to help to select the wine for their dinner or party menu.

Wine tastings

We also arrange wine tastings in the wine cellar, where, in the glow of the candles, our waiters take you on a taste trip. Bring a good meeting to a festive close with a visit to Gl. Skovridergaard’s wine cellar – or let it be the prelude to a pleasant evening in the restaurants. Wine tasting in the cellar is for up to ten people. If there are more of you, we’ll find a different room. 

Wine tasting themes: The untraditional, the classic, our favourites, the bubblies.

Wine as a medicine

Wine has historically been assigned healing properties and, until the mid-1900s, was considered an important medicine. In around the year 200, clay containers were replaced by wooden barrels, which are still used because they are practical and easy to transport. What’s more, it has now been discovered that they have a beneficial effect on wine.