Function rooms

Function rooms in the heart of Silkeborg’s countryside

Gl. Skovridergaard’s party and function rooms can seat from 15 to 200 people. Most have a private terrace with direct access to the grounds.

Kursalen (the spa room)

Kursalen was built as a dining room in 1967, when Gl. Skovridergaard was a sanatorium. The room is adorned with lovely big paintings by Hans Tyrrestrup, Carl-Henning Pedersen and the local artist Jørgen Jacobsen, among others. There is capacity for 120 guests, and the room has an area with a dance floor and its own large covered terrace with direct access to the grounds.

Restaurant Orangeriet

Restaurant Orangeriet, which dates from 2005, was designed by the Faroese architect Ruth Róïn. The large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the grounds give the feeling of sitting at the table surrounded by nature. The restaurant also has its own terrace and private entrance, and seats up to 60 guests. The room is adorned by paintings by Cuban-born artist, Gina Pellon. 

Kursalen and Orangeriet

If Kursalen and Orangeriet are joined together, there is capacity for parties of up to 180 guests. Both rooms are furnished with H.J. Wegner’s Wishbone chairs and the tables can be arranged as long, oval or round tables. 

“The Gallery” (Galleriet)

The Gallery is named after the extensive unique collection of original Hans Bendix drawings which adorn the room alongside the paintings by Peter Brandes. There is room for 40 people at a long, single oval table or in islands of 6–8 people. The Gallery has a private terrace with direct access to the grounds. In the Gallery, we serve food from platters or the buffet.

“The Library” (Biblioteket)

The Library can accommodate up to 18 people sitting round an oval table with Wishbone Chairs. In the charming room, we serve food from platters or the buffet. The Library has no terrace, but our guests often use The Pavilion (Lysthuset) as a terrace in connection with celebrations in the Library.


Nyboder is a separate building that you can have all to yourself, and which has a private entrance and a lovely terrace. Palette in Nyboder seats up to 50 people at one long table, and the light streams in from two sides. All food here is from the buffet.

“The Garden Room” (Havesalen)

With its good acoustics, the Garden Room lends itself to larger parties or concerts. The room has capacity for up to 240 people as well as a stage and dance floor.

Table arrangement and setting

Gl. Skovridergaard sets a festive table with house bouquets in matching seasonal colours. For an additional fee, we can meet special requests for flowers, candles, tablecloths and napkins.

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Overnight accommodation

Many of our guests appreciate being able to stay overnight in connection with a party. It gives a sense of being able to be together a little longer and perhaps also in a different way. So leave the car in the car park, have fun at the party and enjoy a special offer on a room including breakfast at special party prices.

It is also possible to hire the entire Gl. Skovridergaard for big parties.