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Technical assistance – all day

Before your meeting, our competent staff in the Technical Department offer to give you easy, clear instruction in the use of the AV equipment. If you then need further assistance, help is at most two minutes away.

We take care of everything, from setting up the rooms to installation and servicing of all types of AV equipment. Please contact us in advance so we can agree on how to provide the best technical support for your meeting.

All plenary rooms are equipped with a projector and wide-format screen, document camera, speakers, DVD players, ergonomic flip charts and user-friendly AMX panel for controlling light, sound and room.

For larger meetings, we have panel microphones, wireless reverse microphones and traditional, hand-held microphones. In addition, we offer all-in-one PCs with 22" screen and ergonomic keyboards for use in computer training in teams.

The majority of our group rooms have touch screens. They can function as ordinary big screens, but have the additional feature that you can navigate on our connected computer and use programs with a pen directly on the screen. They are suitable for presentations, free presentations and brainstorming, and are easy and intuitive to use.

Should you need any AV equipment not listed above, we will obtain this for you.