Conference rooms

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Conference rooms

Gl. Skovridergaard offers bright, modern conference rooms with a full range of AV equipment and good ventilation, acoustics and lighting, as well as blackout options in all rooms.

Our conference guests appreciate the fact that it is so easy to get in and out of our rooms – in the sense that most of the conference and meeting rooms offer easy access to the grounds during breaks or to involve the outdoor area in the event itself. Water, fruit, coffee, etc., are also always available just outside the door, making it easy to ensure that you replenish your energy and maintain your concentration throughout the day.

Five-star conference rooms

The conference rooms at Gl. Skovridergaard range from small meeting rooms for 2–5 people, such as “The Daybreaks” (Morgengry), to our largest room “The Garden Room” (Havesalen), with seating for 320 participants. If you want a more exclusive feel for your meeting, may we recommend our “Library” (Bibliotek).

Our meeting and conference facilities are five-star, and all rooms have the technical equipment you would expect of a modern conference hotel. We provide technical assistance throughout the day, and help is never more than two minutes away.