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Conference centre

When people gather for meetings, courses and conferences, it must produce results in the form of learning, development or the strengthening of relationships, etc. As a conference centre with a professional team and flexible setting close to nature, we create fruitful events in cooperation with you. We and our meeting and conference rooms are flexible, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requests for a unique event. We guarantee to find a solution that makes your conference a success.

Built for learning

Gl. Skovridergaard was originally built to house Denmark’s third “school master’s college” (skoleholderseminarium) – the old name for a teacher training college – after Blågaards Seminarium in Copenhagen and Muhlernes Seminarium on Funen. But the wars with England and national bankruptcy got in the way. It was not until it was purchased by Venstres Ungdom (VU), the youth wing of the Danish Liberal Party Venstre, and fitted out as a training centre in 1978, that Gl. Skovridergaard became a place of learning – and it has been ever since.
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Five-star conference centre 

Today, Gl. Skovridergaard’s conference facilities are classified by Horesta, the national trade association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in Denmark, and we have been awarded the industry’s highest possible rating of five stars on our physical facilities. We evaluate all meetings and check that our personal service is also commensurate with this.

Overnight accommodation 

At Gl. Skovridergaard Hotel & Konferencecenter, we have 65 rooms, 59 of which are either fully refurbished or were given a brush-up in 2015. The six remaining rooms were refurbished in 2016. If you need more rooms for your event, the neighbouring hotel Vejlsøhus Hotel & Konferencecenter has 49, making a total of 114 available rooms. 

Catering conducive to learning

When you hold a meeting or conference at Gl. Skovridergaard, you have access to our refreshment buffets throughout the day. Our refreshments give the brain the energy-efficient fuel it needs to support the learning process. From start to finish, we provide iced water, fresh fruit, energy-rich treats, coffee, herbal tea and black tea, as well as bread and pastries in the morning and afternoon.
Our lunch buffets and dinners are also tailored to the participants’ need for energy and sustenance. The food consists of tempting, healthy dishes that are easy on the stomach.  

Reflection and exercise in the great outdoors

Our scenic surroundings and the space for reflection they offer form a significant part of Gl. Skovridergaard’s conference facilities. Indoors, there are plenty of quiet corners where ideas can flow, and all rooms offer the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air on the terraces. You can also use the grounds for a Walk & Talk session or get active in the forest and on the lakes around Gl. Skovridergaard.

Technical assistance

Before the start of your meeting, our competent staff provide clear, easy instruction in the use of the AV equipment – and if you need further assistance, help is at most two minutes away. We take care of everything, from setting up the rooms to installation and servicing of all types of AV equipment. Please contact us in advance so we can agree on how to provide the best technical support for your meeting.


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